About Us

Fishingcrafty is a Non Biased and Professional Review platform that aims to make life easier for fishermen. Through research and testing, they’ve come up with the best fishing accessories available on the market today!

Fishingcrafty was make out of a discussion among friends who wanted to know which fishing accessories were best. James Smith realizes there must be tons of people trying to figure it all out themselves, but they didn’t have the time or energy – you could understand why!
It turned into something he couldn’t ignore: “I am going to start a blog for fishermen,” said FishingCrafty’s founder with excitement in his voice, as if finally giving life-long dreams some form where others might find use from them too.


The idea behind fishingcrafty is to provide unbiased information about different products related to fishermen in the format of a “Top 10” or 8-list so that this website can be your last stop before making any purchase decision for what product you need – whether it’s new fish finders, best kayaks, crossbows, etc. We want all fishermen out there who visit us here will have an easy time finding reviews from real people on various aspects such as ease-of-use features, which might come in handy during their next adventure outdoors with family and friends.

If you’re a fisherman, then this website is for YOU. Whether it’s your first time or ten-thousandth time buying something related to fishing- we’ve got reviews that will help make sure the right product gets into those hands! We want everyone who visits our site they search out what best suits their needs in terms of equipment and resources at https://fishingcrafty.com/